NHL 15: Late Review

My Thoughts on NHL 15

Well NHL 15 is out and about on Xbox one, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Playstation 3, and yes was everyone hyped for this game to be out. Let me just start off by saying that I think NHL 15 is a good game for hockey but everything else is just not there yet.

Why is NHL 15 a Good Game

NHL 14 was a considerably a good game and a very fun game to play, EA stepped up the NHL series with a lot better game play and a funner game to play. The EA sports NHL team has also said that they are gonna be adding monthly update to the games and I don’t know if it makes the game good but its add to the game instead of being the boring same game. Its good to know that the team at EA sports will still be dedicated to be putting out a good game.

Why is NHL 15 a Bad Game

Now the bad of NHL 15 and in my opinion the only good part of NHL 15 is the gameplay. The game feels like half a game with a bunch of down grades to the game modes that are in the game right now.  As you all know NHL 15 is on both old-gen and next-gen consoles but on old-gen the game the menus are exactly the same, the only difference with the menus is that Bergeron is always on it, other then that its the exact same menu and the exact same game just with better gameplay.

My Final Thoughts on the Game

My final thoughts on the game is that NHL 15 is a great a great game to play hockey, but the game is just not there yet its to small of a game and if EA does not put out more game modes it will get very boring quickly and thats something no one wants to see in a game they want to see a complete game not a few game modes. My final review for the game is a 7/10 only because Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) is fun to play and playing the game feels so smooth.

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